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RaZbaby pacifiers put the fun in toddlerhood. Our cute designs and reputation for the best pacifiers in the industry will help make these precious years with your child more fulfilling. Just imagine a full face smile from your child with the Ethan Penguin or Percy Puppy pacifier as a center piece to that beautiful face.

The "Keep it Kleen" function of our pacifiers keeps the pacifier clean from any germs on the floor. The revolutionary closing clasps come together to cover the most important material of the pacifier, the part that goes in your child's mouth. These pacifiers not only protect your baby from harmful germs but also save your time and money replacing lost or contaminated pacifiers.

RaZbaby is an innovative baby products company that introduced RaZbaby teethers and other quality baby product lines. RaZbaby's website customizes your baby's pacifier with their name not only making the product more adorable but also reducing the amount of pacifiers you lose to other parents. RaZbaby is a trusted baby products brand that has operated successfully for years and understands the responsibility of providing safe and useful products for parents."Keep it Kleen" pacifiers from RaZbaby are BPA free and baby safe; they are meant for babies newborn to thirty-six months in age.