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    Is the Keep-it-Kleen pacifier BPA free?

    Yes, all RaZbaby products are BPA free and the plastic is made in the USA.

    How do I know the Keep-it-Kleen pacifier is safe?

    It has been tested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commissions and several independent laboratories and conforms to the safety requirement for pacifiers - 16CFR, Part 1511 and the European EN 1400.

    Is the pacifier comfortable for my baby?

    Yes.  The pacifier has contoured shield design for maximum comfort; it flexes and shapes to fits baby's mouth perfectly. It has ventilation holes which allow air circulations to help prevent irritation to baby's delicate skin.

    Is the engraving permanent?

    Yes, the name is permanently engraved in the pacifier, and no ink or chemicals are used during the process.

    What style nipple does it have? 

    We use a soft,  symmetrical orthodontic silicone nipple. It adapts perfectly and easily to baby's natural sucking action and won't damage baby's developing mouth.

    Can the pacifier close up while my baby is using it?

    No, while the baby is using the pacifier it will stay open.  When the baby takes it out of their mouth it will close since it is very sensitive to motion.  

    Can the pacifier pinch my baby? 

    No, the contoured shields are soft and do not apply pressure.  If you place your fingers in between the shields, you will feel that there is no force.

    Can my baby open the pacifier on their own? 

    Our experience has been that once a baby is about 9 months old they start developing more dexterity in their hands an can open the pacifier.  Before nine months, Mom or Dad can open the pacifier for the baby.  During this stage the parent is going to have to pick up baby's dropped pacifier anyway, and at least they will know that it is clean.    

    How many sizes does the Keep-it-Kleen come in? 

    We offer one size for all ages. Research shows that it is better for a child to stay with a smaller size since it makes it easier to wean the baby from using a pacifier.   We offer a nipple that is between size one and size two for maximum comfort.

    What happens if my order does not arrive?

    We will track your order and provide the delivery information.  Once we receive confirmation that your order was delivered to the correct address, is not responsible for lost or stolen packages..