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    "The Razberry teether is one of my most recommended baby items to others. It is the only teething item my son used and still uses as his 2nd yr molars come in. We tried many other chilled items and nothing worked. Thank you!!!"
    "I just wanted to thank you for your amazing product. My 9 month old son was just hospitalized with pneumonia for the second time in 6 months, and before we left, the doctors told me to get a vaporizer. i found your product at walgreens, and am in love with it. he gets his vapors & doesn't need to be confined to one room, as he would with the plug-in ones, he can crawl around, play in his walker, even go out and about, and still breathe freely. I also love how it keeps his pacifier within reach for him. I have been telling everyone I know with little ones to buy this, posted a link to your site on facebook, etc. I think this is the best thing ever! I only wish i had found it sooner... I can't wait till he is better, so we can use the lavender inserts to help soothe him to sleep at night. :) thank you for such a wonderful product!"
    "I just wanted to tell you that I bought the raz-berry teether for my son who is autistic and he absolutely loves it. We have been looking for over a year and finally found something he likes. The texture is perfect, finally. There is really a need for older children with special needs to have the ability to chew on something without it looking like they have a pacifier in their mouth. This has been great and wish you had another product for older children. Let me know if you do come up with something. In the meantime we will definitely keep a supply of these hand so my son can have his "chewy" when he needs it. Thank you again for such a great product."
    "My 5 yr old daughter, Carly has special needs and doesnt like the chewies for special needs kids. Your Razberry Pacifier/teether is the ONLY thing that soothes her and saves her teeth. She has severe bruxism and breaks teeth but you Razberry has saved her teeth! Thank you so very much!!!!"
    "Hi Raz, I am just writing to let you know how much I love your Vapo Raz pacifier attachment. The eucalyptus scent really helps with my son's colds. He barely coughs at all when he has it on. That was a wonderful innovation. It really gave me peace of mind to know that my baby wouldn't be coughing all day at daycare. Thank you so much Raz Baby!"
    Krystle Smith