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Practical Tips for Keeping Baby’s Teeth Healthy

July 25, 2014 Brian Corey

According to most pediatricians, maintaining baby's oral health early is very important for establishing good dental habits later on. Once the teeth begin coming in, start taking care of them right away. Many parents think baby teeth aren't important because they're eventually replaced by permanent ones. But these first teeth preserve the spacing for the permanent ones and help Baby chew and talk. If they're not cared for properly they can decay, leading to a gum infection called gingivitis, which can affect the spacing of permanent teeth. Here are some tips for keeping baby's teeth clean:   1. Start cleaning...

This Year’s Most Popular Baby Names Are Far From Ordinary

July 23, 2014 Brian Corey

MyRaZbaby is a leading provider of many essentially, Innovative Baby Products. Our most popular and best selling product is our range of playful Personalized Pacifiers, which are unique, playful, and functional, perfect for your little one! For just $5.99, you can get one of our adorable pacifiers or pacifier holders with your baby’s name on it! If you’re becoming a new parent and you need some baby name ideas, check out the most viewed names for girls and boys on! The 2014 popular baby names list is based on the number of views each name attracted on Nameberry, out of...

Activities for Baby’s Development

July 18, 2014 Brian Corey

It may not seem like it, but from the very moment a baby is born, they are learning and absorbing everything around them. That is why it is important to partake in activities with your baby to provide a solid foundation for learning and, at the same time, promote lasting parent-child relationships.  Here are some activities you can do with your 0-6 month-old infant.   INFANT SIT-UPSWhat to Do: This fun game is a good way to exercise neck muscles. Lay your infant on a soft blanket, facing up. Hold on to his hands and wrists, then count, "One, two,...

New Research Highlights How Babies Learn Speech

July 16, 2014 Brian Corey

  As a leader in Innovative Baby Products, MyRaZbaby is passionate about the health, safety, and wellness of babies. That's why we're always excited to find and share the latest research that teaches us more about this vital stage of human life. NPR recently reported on a new study that explores one of the most vital developments in early childhood: how we first develop speech. As it turns out, infants begin practicing how to talk in their minds months before they verbally utter their first words. Using what looks like a hair dryer from Mars, researchers from the University of...

Recent Study Highlights Risk of Bed-Sharing for Infants

July 11, 2014 Brian Corey

It goes without saying that babies need a tremendous amount of care and caution. That’s a big reason why MyRaZbaby has always strived to provide the most Innovative Baby Products on the market, in order to ensure the best health and safety for babies. It’s also why we’re eager to share the latest news and research in this area. A new study reported in the Huffington Post drew attention to a fairly common and increasingly popular practice: bed-sharing, which the researchers defined as "the infant sleeping on the same surface with a person or animal" (which includes toys and other...