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    Soothe Your Infant With Our Baby Aromatherapy Products

    RaZbaby is an independent retailer specializing in innovative baby products. Among our most successful merchandise is our line of Baby Aromatherapy Products. Certain fragrances have been found to positively influence a baby’s mood, and we at RaZbaby have developed aromatherapy products that are designed to naturally encourage relaxation and alleviate upset moods in all infants. 

    The items consist of vaporizers that can be clipped onto a pacifier, which reduces the chance of breakage and allows the baby to instantly acquire the scent. The aroma is emitted on a 12-hour release and is designed to provide parents with an easier and more natural way to relax their baby. According to a testimonial provided on our website:

    “The eucalyptus scent really helps with my son's colds. He barely coughs at all when he has it on. That was a wonderful innovation. It really gave me peace of mind to know that my baby wouldn't be coughing all day at daycare.”

    The vaporizer clip-on, which does not require batteries or a plug, includes two aromas: lavender, which calms restless or upset infants, and eucalyptus/menthol, which helps sooth babies who have colds or feel unwell. Each fragrance is safe for infants and is made domestically from natural therapeutic oils. The aroma pads are replaceable and the refills can be purchased from the RaZbaby online store at www.myrazbaby.com. The vaporizer clip-on is $7.99 plus shipping, while each aroma pad is $5.99 plus shipping (orders amounting to $14.95 or more have free shipping).

    As we are devoted to helping change the baby product industry for the better, we gather our inspiration from baby needs and parental concerns.  Some other innovative baby products that we offer include pacifiers, teethers, accessories, and holders. Our pacifiers and holders can be personalized with the infant’s name and cost only $1 more than our regular pacifiers. 

    For more information, contact MyRaZbaby by calling 1-877-298-6622.