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    Blog — Raz-Pak

    The Raz-Pak: A Healthier Approach to Storage

    MyRaZbaby strives to provide Innovative Baby Products that offer more convenient and healthy solutions for common parenting problems. To that end, we've designed a multi-dimensional storage container called a Raz-Pack, which can be used for formulas and snacks.

    Our compact Raz-Paks conveniently consist of additional lids that make three 6 oz individual containters, as well a spout in the design that reduce contamination and make it easier to pour the contents. Its unique design is perfect for taking snacks on the go, minimizing spillage and mess. Best of all, as are all our products, the Raz-Pack is completely affordable, with a price tag of $6.99.

    In addition to the Raz-Pack, MyRaZbaby offers an expansive list of top-of-the-line merchandise, including our signature Personalized Pacifiers. Our personalized products make the perfect gift for a new mom and her baby; adding the infant’s name shows an extra level of thought and consideration put into the gift. Furthermore, in addition to incredibly affordable prices, our pacifiers are made with “Keep it Kleen” technology, which utilizes an innovative clasp to prevent the pacifier’s nipple from touching the floor when it falls.

    RaZbaby is a trusted name in the baby products industry with years of experience and thousands of loyal customers. Being a family company, RaZbaby understands the importance of having reliable and responsible products which is why our personalized pacifiers are BPA free and baby safe. Pacifiers from RaZbaby are recommended for babies from newborn to thirty-six months in age.

    Be sure to look through customer testimonials to see the success of our items for yourself. For more information on MyRaZbaby, contact us by calling 1-877-298-6622, or email us at