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    The Rave Reviews of Our Innovative Baby Products

    As one of the most trusted names in baby products, MyRaZbaby takes tremendous pride in providing our clients -- babies and mothers -- with the most dependable and vital infant care solutions imagine. We carefully design each of our Innovative Baby Products to best suit the stringent demands of our clients. As the following Baby Products Testimonials  make clear, we're doing very well in this regard! 

    "I just wanted to tell you that I bought the raz-berry teether for my son who is autistic and he absolutely loves it. We have been looking for over a year and finally found something he likes. The texture is perfect, finally. There is really a need for older children with special needs to have the ability to chew on something without it looking like they have a pacifier in their mouth. This has been great and I wish you had another product for older children. Let me know if you do come up with something. In the meantime we will definitely keep a supply of these on hand so my son can have his "chewy" when he needs it. Thank you again for such a great product." – Darlene

    "My 5 yr old daughter, Carly has special needs and doesnt like the chewies for special needs kids. Your Razberry Pacifier/teether is the ONLY thing that soothes her and saves her teeth. She has severe bruxism and breaks teeth but you Razberry has saved her teeth! Thank you so very much!!!!" – Patti

    "Hi Raz, I am just writing to let you know how much I love your Vapo Raz pacifier attachment. The eucalyptus scent really helps with my son's colds. He barely coughs at all when he has it on. That was a wonderful innovation. It really gave me peace of mind to know that my baby wouldn't be coughing all day at daycare. Thank you so much Raz Baby!" – Krystle Smith

    These glowing reviews testify to our steadfast commitment to offering the most reliable pacifiers, teethers, aromatherapy products, and more. We realize the importance of having reliable and responsible products, which is why our signature personalized pacifiers are BPA-free and meticulously designed to be baby safe.

    To see for yourself what makes MyRaZbaby so popular, call 1-877-298-6622 or email info@myrazbaby.com.


    The Advantages of MyRaZbaby Baby Aromatherapy Products

    MyRaZbaby offers an extensive selection of Innovative Baby Products designed to address the vital needs of infants. That’s why we sell Baby Aromatherapy Products, a cutting-edge and proven approach to boosting your baby’s well-being.

    In fact, this natural remedy has been used for newborns and children for hundreds of years, which speaks to its effectiveness. Modern research has confirmed the many therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy for infants. A joint study conducted by the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and the University of South Florida found that infants being treated with aromatic oils demonstrated an improved mood and overall behavior.

    A number of other studies have found that babies introduced to aromatherapy at a young age are more likely to be calm and relaxed in the long-term. Needless to say, that’s a great benefit to the mother and infant alike!

    Harnessing this scientific evidence, MyRaZbaby's Aromatherapy Products help to soothe your baby’s bad moods or mild ailments in a gentle and infant-safe manner. Made in the U.S. from high-quality essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and menthol, these items are great as a sleep aid, decongestant, expectorant (clearing mucus), and overall de-stressor. An easy-to-use vaporizer can be clipped onto the pacifier to allow for instant aromatherapy for up to 12 hours.

    For further convenience, our on-the-go vaporizer and essential oil pads are all available right here at MyRaZbaby.com. You can order refills with the click of a button and help keep your baby calm and in optimal health the natural way.

    To learn more about this and other baby products, contact us at 1-877-298-6622 or info@myrazbaby.com.


    Celebrate the World Cup with Our Personalized Soccer Ball Pacifier!

    The excitement of the FIFA World Cup 2014 is tangible. If you’re a fan of soccer, you’re likely surrounded by your favorite country’s paraphernalia everywhere. Well, now your baby can show their love too, with our adorable Soccer Ball pacifier! Much like the players on the field, our pacifiers can take a fall but get right back up! Thanks to the “Keep-it-Kleen” technology utilized in our Personalized Pacifiers, the nipple will never get dirty. If that’s not a goal, we don’t know what is!

    The "Keep-it-Kleen" feature consists of a sturdy plastic clasp that instantly closes the moment a pacifier hits the ground. It’s a simple and convenient way to protect your baby’s health. Moreover, these pacifiers – like all of our products – are made only of high-quality materials sourced here in the U.S., without any BPA or other potentially harmful substances.

    Made with the utmost attention to detail and quality, the MyRaZbaby Personalized Pacifiers come in a wide variety of colors and fun designs that are sure to delight any baby. Furthermore, each pacifier can be customized with the infant’s name to add a special touch of love and care. We also carry sturdy pacifier holders that can also be personalized as needed.

    These fun, affordable, and innovative pacifiers reflects MyRaZbaby’s dedication to providing the most high-quality and convenient infant care solutions in the industry. As an independent family company, we’re dedicated to offering only the most dependable and effective products to our clients. Many happy clients agree – these products are as good as they come!
    MyRaZbaby offers a wide variety of Innovative Baby Products that provide safe and convenient solutions to common infant care issues. From comfortable teethers to delicate but effective silicone toothbrushes, we’ve got great and affordable gifts that mothers and babies alike will adore! To learn more, reach us at 1(877) 298-6622 or info@myrazbaby.com.

    How MyRaZbaby Stands Out From Other Baby Product Companies

    There is no shortage of companies claiming to offer the most Innovative Baby Products on the market. But MyRaZbaby – inventor of the renowned "Keep-it-Kleen" Personalized Pacifiers – stands out about the rest in numerous ways. Learn why we’re one of the leading sources of vital infant care solutions in the country.

    First, we offer a great variety of products to address almost every major need of both infants and their mothers. Our iconic pacifiers, for example, feature a durable clasp that protects the nipple from contamination whenever it’s dropped – a common problem among babies. We’ve got aromatherapy for soothing and de-stressing, teethers for promoting a vital stage in oral health, silicone toothbrushes to safely clean teeth, and much more.

    Second, all of these products are carefully designed and manufactured based on the highest standard of safety and quality. We use only BPA-free, baby-safe materials like silicone and domestically sourced plastics to ensure durability without compromising your baby’s health. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t want the babies in our lives to have. Our products undergo strict quality control before being sold.

    Finally, we offer a winning combination of style and functionality through creative and innovative designs. Most of our products feature fun shapes, colors, and textures that are intended to delight infant and mother alike. Some of them, like our pacifiers, can even be personalized to add a further touch of love and consideration.

    To top it all off, we’re an independent family company that operates under the principles of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Our services are every bit as high quality as our products – guaranteed. We’re passionate about infant care and want to make sure you get only the best there is.

    For any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-877-298-6622 or email info@myrazbaby.com. We look forward to helping you!





    Our RaZ Silicone Toothbrushes Are Vital for Oral Health!


    As a leading provider of Innovative Baby Products, MyRaZbaby seeks to offer parents the best solutions for infant care. So in addition to our famed Personalized Pacifiers, we're pleased to provide high-quality silicone toothbrushes that are specially designed for safeguarding your little one’s oral health.

    Available for order right here at MyRazBaby.com, our Raz Silicone Toothbrush line represents the high standard of quality and creativity that you come to expect from MyRaZbaby. They come in several colors – including blue, green, orange, and pink – and are available for the affordable price of $4.99.

    They are made of premium silicone material, which is both durable and 100 percent baby safe. Their sleek design includes an innovative built-in shield that protects the infant from over-insertion, allowing you to take care of those teeth without risk.

    With these reliable toothbrushes, mothers can maintain their babies' oral hygiene as early as possible, which medical experts agree is vital for infant health. MyRaZbaby is proud to develop specialized products like this in order to meet the demands of mothers and infants alike.

    You can find many more great products like our RaZ Silicone Toothbrush right here at MyRazbaby.com. From our iconic Personalized Pacifiers – which feature a patented "keep-it-clean" feature to protect the nipple – to aromatherapy products that help soothe and calm your baby, you’ll find plenty of affordable, high-quality, and totally baby-safe products to choose.

    As an independent family-owned company dedicated to babies' well being, we are proud to offer such products to you and your precious baby. To learn more, call us at 1 (877) 298-6622 or email info@myrazbaby.com.